How to Restore a missing AOL Desktop Gold icon or shortcut

Well! you’ll positively feel aggravated and check out exhausting to search out the missing icon. If you use the daily AOL service, then you are well aware that however simple it is to access your AOL account with just an easy click on the icon. Don’t worry, you’ll simply Restore AOL Desktop Gold icon with some straightforward pointers.

restore aol desktop goldAOL icon missing could be a quite common error round-faced by a variety of AOL problems. AOL Desktop Gold is understood for its quicker browsing speed and secure email services and also the missing icon downside might very be frustrating for the users World Health Organization completed rely on AOL services for secure browsing expertise. Thus, finding the correct answer to the current downside is extremely necessary which answer is ‘ AOL icon install’. During this guide, we tend to square measure about to share some straightforward troubleshooting steps that you just will follow to Restore AOL Desktop Gold. Simply check that that you just have downloaded the AOL Desktop Gold from the official AOL web site on your device.

How to Restore AOL Desktop Gold icon could go missing because of the subsequent reasons:

  • You will have deleted the AOL icon by mistake whereas organizing the desktop icon on the device or deleting the unwanted folders.
  • The automated software package update method isn’t operating and you only keep skipping the warning of manual AOL Desktop Gold updates.
  • The Firewall and Antivirus software package put in on your device may well be a reason behind this downside.
  • The software package needs don’t seem to be compatible with the device.
  • Hardware connected problems may well be a reason behind the matter.

The method can take around five to ten minutes, you only got to follow the rules carefully:

  • Open the ‘AOL Desktop Gold’ software package.
  • Use the mouse pointer and place it on the AOL Desktop Golf icon gift within the dock.
  • A pop-up menu can seem on the screen.
  • choose associate possibility ‘ confine the Dock’.

These steps can assist you to restore the AOL Desktop Gold icon. But, if even once following these steps you’re unable to revive the Restore AOL Desktop Gold you need to install the software package once more in your device. They will offer full details with a gradual deck class to revive the AOL icon and check that there are no such problems occurring once again on your device.

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