How to fix AOL Desktop Gold Running slow problem

The beauty of AOL Desktop Gold is that users will access and explorer the globe of AOL victimization simply this one platform. Through AOL Desktop Gold you’ll be able to reply to emails from your AOL contacts, play completely different on-line games, or just browse the online. This new browser has premium safety features that will alert users whenever they visit a dangerous website. However, even though it’s the most recent technology and increased security, users typically encounter errors whereas victimization AOL Desktop Gold. Whenever you discover that your AOL Desktop not responding, then the most effective issue to try to do is to decide the client care variety ask for technical help. You’ll be able to conjointly browse through this text to find out additional regarding some basic troubleshooting steps so you’ll be able to try to resolve minor technical errors on your own.

fix AOL Desktop Gold Running slow problem

Step by step to fix AOL Desktop Gold running slow problem

Step 1. Restart your pc

sometimes the best answer is commonly the foremost effective, that is that the case once AOL Desktop Gold is running slowly. An easy restart of your pc can clear several of the minor technical problems which will affect AOL Gold. Restarting your pc can mechanically flush out the RAM and take away any temporary information that’s swiftness down your system. After you restart your pc it conjointly resets your web connection enabling AOL Desktop Gold o load quicker.

Step 2. Disable Startup programs

Windows startup, because the name itself recommends, square measure programs that open mechanically as presently as you begin your windows pc. The additional code and apps you put in the longer is your list of startup programs. The additional programs you have got on the startup list the longer it takes for your pc to come back on. However, not all the programs on the programs on the list square measure necessary for windows to run smoothly. Disabling sure unnecessary startup programs can permit you to spice up the windows boot time and can help AOL Desktop Gold to run faster.

Step 3. check network connections

Although this answer is sort of obvious it’s typically unmarked by several AOL uses. The matter lies within the incontrovertible fact that it your web affiliation is slow then it’s quite clear that AOL Desktop Gold will run slowly. You must check all the cables, as well as the router and therefore the electronic equipment, to form positive everything is in situ and that your web connection is stable. You’ll conjointly strive to pause any downloads that will be running world organization the background so it doesn’t cut down your web speed.

Step 4. Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold

If you discover that there are several technical errors on AOL Gold which the program is consistently running slowly or crashing then your best bet is to put in the code and check out once more. Once you verify that your system has the minimum requirements to run AOL Desktop Gold you’ll be able to follow the official installation method to transfer AOL Desktop Gold and put in the code and check of the problems is resolved or not.

If you notice that AOL Desktop stopper operating even when you tried to implement the solutions given higher than it’s going to indicate that there’s a deeper technical error with the software or along with your pc. You decision the AOL client support and speak to a certified expert to seek out out the most effective answer thus on speed up the browser and access your AOL account.

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