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AOL Gold Desktop facilitate and Troubleshooting Center

AOL Gold DesktopThe introduction of AOL Gold Desktop, users expertise has been increased. With such associate final computer code, folks save their time likewise as energy. The tired one expertise with mail, browsing, content and far additional there also are safety features and automatic updates. There are various themes with a friendly interface that permits higher usage. Earlier it wont to be AOL Desktop computer code however with its upgrade, in recent times it’s become AOL Desktop Gold, the name has been modified the design and feel are because it is. There are fewer hassles however the additional speed, features, and a toolbar.

There are some minimum set of needs that require to be met before you install AOL Desktop Gold. it’s positive that this computer code can become your most favorite one once it gets downloaded. but there’s one issue that has to be taken under consideration that this outstanding computer code is often put in on the Windows and waterproof devices, there are not any different platform that supports install AOL Desktop Gold.

System demand to download and Install AOL Gold Desktop

  • OS : Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 /7 / macintosh
  • Processor: 266 rates or quicker pc processor.
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher screen resolution suggested
  • Memory: one GB RAM, 512 MB free hard disc house
  • Internet: required to download.

The following are simple steps to download AOL Gold Desktop to Windows or to Mac

To fancy the services offered by AOL you would like to Download AOL Gold Desktop . So, perform these steps to transfer the AOL Gold code.

News with AOL

If you’re new with AOL then you may be required to form AN AOL account, then take AN AOL membership. Perform these steps:

  • Go to the official web site of AOL employing an application.
  • Then favor producing a replacement AOL Account. Use your true data like username, email id, DOB, etc.
  • After making your account, log in into your AOL account
  • Then take AN AOL membership to arrange by your budget.
  • Go to AOL email service and log in together with your AOL account. rummage around for a message in AN email speech communication “start with AOL Desktop Gold”.
  • After that use link in this message to transfer AOL Desktop Gold
  • When the transfer is complete run the setup file to start the installation method.
  • Proceed with the screen instructions and complete the installation. Then you’ll be able to freely fancy all the service by AOL.

ALready AN AOL member

If you area unit already AN AOL member then you’ll be able to transfer AOL Gold Desktop from the AOL advantages section your AOL account.

  • Log in to your AOL account and navigate to the AOL benefit section
  • Then notice AOL desktop gold in this and click on the download
  • When the download is complete, install AOL Gold by following constant steps as AOL new member.

Download AOL Desktop Gold

Brilliant options of AOL Gold Desktop

Easy to enter and download: this software system is very easy to have.

Chat room: it’s a good feature that permits the users o connect with people via chat. Their area unit chat rooms for an additional personal bit.

Provision to play pogo games: from puzzle to sport and plenty of others, users will play on-line pogo games via this exceptional software system.

Managing AOL Email: users area unit liberated to access their AOL email. they will send and receive emails, add an attachment, save their credentials and far additional.

Browsing the web: accessing the internet through AOL Desktop Gold is simply a left hand’s task and there’s no limitation to browse the uninterrupted web.

Access to print from AOL Gold: if you prefer an internet page, or there some necessary document, you’ll merely savvy written through this program.

Enabling password manager: you’ll cleanly change likewise as disable the password manager during this software system. simply attend the password tab to use this feature.

Anti-keylogging window: once you area unit signed into AOL Gold there’s continuously the danger of information stealing. This feature hides the letter or character you sort.

Suspicion alert: once the users attempt to visit an exact web site and that they do not know that it’s dangerous, in such case you’ll receive Associate in Nursing alert show warning.

Screenshot capturing: This code prevents alternative web site and on-line program that attempt to take a screenshot of your info. This feature must be allowed before exploitation.

Out Services

AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop Gold is that the excellent mixture of all things at one place that the users like concerning AOL> it’s speedy, reliable and gets update mechanically From downloading to accessing feature, users will do rather more with this code. There area unit fewer complications and additional fun with this program.

AOL Email

It is the proper email service hat is safe, user-friendly and feature-rich. It lets the users customize their expertise with a spread of options. Organizing the calendar, making and exploitation folders and managing spams rather more may be done. Even this email service is speedy and contains an immense mailbox size.


What might be additional convenient than having everything that you just need to be summed up in one application? And for this AOL App is ideal. Things become additional convenient once users access any application. it’s supported on android devices likewise as iPhone. simply install it and be safe from the hassles of employing a pc.